• Your correct email address
  • Your correct mailing address
  • All gender/sizing info correctly entered for each of your ordered items

If you notice any of the above information is incorrect after placing your order, please contact us ASAP.

How can I be sure that you received my order?
If you received an email with your payment receipt, we received your order. You will also receive an email confirmation when the online store closes and updates when your order ships, as well as tracking information.

How soon will I receive my order?
Expect delivery to your doorstep in 7 weeks from the online store closing date. The delivery date can also be found by clikcing on the original order link you received.

I placed one order, and then decided to place a 2nd. Will you combine my shipping and refund the 2nd shipping charge?
Yes, but you need to scan/take a picture of the shipping receipt on the package, which shows the total amount paid. We will refund you the difference.

I missed the order deadline, and the online store is now closed. Can I still place my order?
Once the online store is closed, no further orders can be accepted.

I am a team leader / manager. I want to buy extra items as inventory- how do I do that?
You can either go online and order all the gear you want online. OR contact your sales rep with the sizing/quantities you want to order BEFORE the online store closing date.

What if I order the wrong size? Can I get an exchange?
Because we need to individually produce every custom order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.